Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Walking around the block: PLACES :)

New Central Market
Kelantan's Central Market is a riot of colour. It is one of the most vibrant sites in the country where traders display brilliantly coloured fresh garden produce. This place mainly dominated and ruled by the womenfolk. From the early hours of the morning till sundown, these marker queens sit across-legged upon their raised wooden platforms and guarding their merchandise

Istana Balai Besar
Istana Balai Besar.This palace was built by Sultan Muhamad in 1840 to replace his riverine palace on the Kelantan river. It now serves as the venue for ceremonial functions and investiture ceremonies. Please note that Istana Balai besar does not admit visitors!!

Merdeka Square
The site of many historical events, Merdeka Square rose to prominence in 1844 after the completion of the Istana Besar. It is also known as Padanng Bank. 

Istana Batu/Royal Museum

Istana Batu was designed and built in, 1939 during the reign of Sultan lsmail 1. It was used as a venue for royal weddings as well as to house royal guests. Today, it has been converted into the Royal Museum where regalia and palace items belonging to former Sultans are on display. These include silverware, bedroom items and furniture from the royal household. There is also a photographic exhibition on the life of the late Sultan of Kelantan.

Opening hours: 10.30 am - 5.45 pm daily except Fridays.

Admission: RM2.00 Children: RM1.00

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